Washington & Jefferson College Track & Field Invitational

Saturday, March 30, 2013



Saturday, March 30th                        

8:30-9:30 am Implement Weigh-in (Concession Stand adjacent to the Finish Line).


Field Event Schedule:

Javelin, will take place at Trinity High School.  Trinity High School is right next to our track.  Vans will shuttle athletes back and forth to the throws and track areas.  We are expecting to unveil our new throws area for shot put and discus which will be located inside the track stadium (tentative location will be Trinity High School).


10:00 am        

Javelin Throw              (Women/Men)

Shot Put                      (Men/Women)

Discus Throw              (Women/Men after the conclusion of Javelin)

                        Pole Vault                   (Women/Men)

Long Jump                  (Men/Women)

Triple Jump                 (Men/Women after the conclusion of Long Jump)



High Jump                   (Women/Men)


Running Event Schedule:

Rolling Time Schedule (Women followed by Men, except for HH finals*)


10:00 am         4x800m Relay                         (Women/Men)

10,000m   (Women/Men, Will combine Men and Women if possible)

                        100m Hurdles Prelims             (Women)

                        110m Hurdles Prelims             (Men)

                        100m Prelims                          (Women/Men)

                        3,000m Steeplechase               (Women/Men)

                        400m Relay                             (Women/Men)

                        400m                                       (Women/Men)

                        1500m                                     (Women/Men)

                        110m Hurdle Finals*              (Men)

                        100m Hurdle Finals*              (Women)

                        100m Finals                             (Women/Men)

                        800m                                       (Women/Men)

                        400m Hurdles                         (Women/Men)

                        200m                                       (Women/Men)

                        5,000m                                    (Women/Men)

                        1600m Relay                           (Women/Men)



Friendly Reminders:


Drop off for buses and vans at the track and parking at Trinity High School located right next to the track on Park Avenue (someone will be directing traffic).


Meet Conduct- The meet will be conducted under NCAA rules and will be scored. Implement weigh-ins will be done in an open room next to the trainers across from the start/finish line on the track from 8:30-9:30 am.  Field event check-in will be at the event site starting 60 minutes prior to the event.  All legal throw and jump attempts will be measured.  Top nine athletes will advance to the final.  In the vertical jumps (High Jump and Pole Vault) athletes will compete at the time designated on the time schedule.  Starting heights will be determined based on entries. The top 8 athletes in the 100m, 100m hurdles and 110m hurdles will advance to the finals.

Athletes in running events will need to check in at the clerking area (located in the tent near the start/finish line) at least 60 minutes prior to their event indicating that they will compete in their event.

Entry Fee And Payment Entry Fee:$200.00 per team/$400.00 for both Men and women. $15.00 for individual entries. Please make checks payable to Washington & Jefferson College. Pay can be made day of event at tent next to start/finish line.


Check-in:  Please have your athletes check-in 60 minutes prior to their event.  Field event check-in at event site and running events at the clerking area (located in the tent near the start/finish line).


Bathroom Facilities located at the north and south ends of the stands next to the track.  Our Alumni will be hosting an event in the hall of fame room which will be off limits to athletes.


Concession Stand

W&J Invite Shirts, Hot Dogs, Water, Gatorade and Snacks will be on sale throughout the meet.


Van Shuttle will run from the parking lot of the track up to Trinity High School throughout the day until the conclusion of events at Trinity High School.