Washington & Jefferson College Invitational

Saturday, March 29th, 2014



Saturday, March 30th                        

8:30-9:30 am Implement Weigh-in (Concession Stand adjacent to the Finish Line).


Field Event Schedule:

Javelin and Discus will take place at Trinity High School.  Trinity High School is right next to our track.  Shot Put is located inside the Track Stadium.


10:00 am        

Javelin Throw              (Men/Women)

Discus                         (Women/Men)

Shot Put                      (Women & Men after the conclusion of Javelin and Discus)

                        Pole Vault                   (Women/Men)

Long Jump                  (Men/Women)

Triple Jump                 (Men/Women after the conclusion of Long Jump)



High Jump                   (Women/Men)


Running Event Schedule:

Rolling Time Schedule (Women followed by Men, except for HH finals*)


10:00 am         4x800m Relay                         (Women/Men)

10,000m                                  (Women/Men, Will combine Men and Women if possible)

                        100m Hurdles Prelims             (Women)

                        110m Hurdles Prelims             (Men)

                        100m Prelims                          (Women/Men)

                        3,000m Steeplechase               (Women/Men)

                        400m Relay                             (Women/Men)

                        400m                                       (Women/Men)

                        1500m                                     (Women/Men)

                        110m Hurdle Finals*              (Men)

                        100m Hurdle Finals*              (Women)

                        100m Finals                             (Women/Men)

                        800m                                       (Women/Men)

                        400m Hurdles                         (Women/Men)

                        200m                                       (Women/Men)

                        5,000m                                    (Women/Men)

                        1600m Relay                           (Women/Men)