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THE STAT CREW SYSTEM Washington & Jefferson Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 09, 2008) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ vs Alfred 11/16/07 82-59 W 16-Maggie Gibson 13-Maggie Gibson 4-Lindsey Hyre 2-Jen Rogers 1-Veronica Kust Kennan Killee Maria Hillenb Kennan Killee PENN STATE-ALTOONA 11/17/07 88-56 W 18-Kennan Killee 7-Jen Rogers 2-Alyssa Young 4-Kennan Killee 2-Alyssa Young Emily Hays Maggie Gibson Alysse Kelly Maggie Gibson Kennan Killee at Allegheny 11/20/07 58-44 W 16-Emily Hays 10-Maggie Gibson 6-Kennan Killee 2-Maggie Gibson 1-Jen Rogers Maggie Gibson Maggie Gibson at Baldwin-Wallace 11/24/07 60-65 L 19-Emily Hays 15-Maggie Gibson 4-Kennan Killee 3-Kennan Killee 1-Maggie Gibson Emily Hays Emily Hays at John Carroll 11/28/07 79-64 W 19-Emily Hays 10-Maggie Gibson 5-Kennan Killee 2-Kennan Killee 2-Maggie Gibson Emily Hays at Chatham University 12/1/07 57-48 W 14-Stephanie Smi 9-Maggie Gibson 2-Kennan Killee 4-Maggie Gibson 3-Sarah Hunt at Geneva College 12/5/07 46-48 L 15-Emily Hays 5-Maria Hillenb 2-Jen Rogers 1-Lindsey Hyre 1-Stephanie Smi Veronica Kust Veronica Kust Sarah Hunt Lindsey Hyre GROVE CITY 12/7/07 76-60 W 15-Stephanie Smi 8-Emily Hays 8-Stephanie Smi 1-Emily Hays 2-Emily Hays Catlyn Kristo Maggie Gibson Veronica Kust Lindsey Hyre Stephanie Smi vs Washington College 12/18/07 80-53 W 23-Maggie Gibson 11-Maggie Gibson 7-Maggie Gibson 2-Emily Hays 2-Sarah Hunt vs Bates College 12/19/07 61-55 W 11-Maggie Gibson 10-Maggie Gibson 5-Maggie Gibson 2-Veronica Kust 1-Stephanie Smi Stephanie Smi Maggie Gibson Veronica Kust at Westminster 1/5/08 80-49 W 19-Maggie Gibson 10-Jen Rogers 4-Kennan Killee 2-Stephanie Smi 1-Kennan Killee Alysse Kelly Maria Hillenb Kennan Killee THIEL 1/9/08 87-90 L 25-Maggie Gibson 12-Maggie Gibson 6-Stephanie Smi 2-Kennan Killee 1-Veronica Kust Stephanie Smi Kennan Killee Jen Rogers Sarah Hunt Veronica Kust at Thomas More 1/12/08 53-86 L 16-Sarah Hunt 11-Maggie Gibson 4-Kennan Killee 2-Maggie Gibson 1-Sarah Hunt at Saint Vincent 1/16/08 83-57 W 15-Stephanie Smi 11-Maggie Gibson 5-Kennan Killee 2-Maggie Gibson 3-Sarah Hunt WAYNESBURG 1/19/08 67-51 W 22-Stephanie Smi 9-Maggie Gibson 5-Kennan Killee 2-Jen Rogers 3-Veronica Kust Jen Rogers BETHANY 1/23/08 71-61 W 26-Maggie Gibson 9-Maggie Gibson 6-Jen Rogers 2-Maggie Gibson 2-Maggie Gibson Stephanie Smi Sarah Hunt Kennan Killee Emily Hays CHATHAM UNIVERSITY 1/26/08 72-43 W 23-Jen Rogers 15-Maggie Gibson 8-Stephanie Smi 3-Stephanie Smi 2-Sarah Hunt Maggie Gibson GENEVA COLLEGE 1/30/08 60-64 L 16-Kennan Killee 14-Maggie Gibson 5-Kennan Killee 2-Kennan Killee 2-Maggie Gibson Veronica Kust at Grove City 2/2/08 68-35 W 15-Maggie Gibson 10-Maggie Gibson 6-Stephanie Smi 2-Juliet Sargen None Catlyn Kristo Maggie Gibson WESTMINSTER (PA.) 2/6/08 77-65 W 17-Stephanie Smi 7-Jen Rogers 5-Stephanie Smi 2-Veronica Kust 1-Stephanie Smi Kennan Killee Kennan Killee Sarah Hunt
THE STAT CREW SYSTEM Washington & Jefferson Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 09, 2008) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ at Thiel 2/9/08 87-66 W 14-Maggie Gibson 14-Maggie Gibson 6-Kennan Killee 2-Kennan Killee 1-Alyssa Young Veronica Kust THOMAS MORE 2/13/08 47-59 L 13-Jen Rogers 10-Sarah Hunt 2-Stephanie Smi 2-Veronica Kust 3-Sarah Hunt Jen Rogers Emily Hays SAINT VINCENT 2/16/08 71-53 W 17-Maggie Gibson 9-Maggie Gibson 6-Stephanie Smi 1-Catlyn Kristo 7-Sarah Hunt Veronica Kust Maria Hillenb Sarah Hunt Kennan Killee at Waynesburg 2/20/08 54-38 W 11-Emily Hays 9-Maggie Gibson 6-Kennan Killee 7-Kennan Killee 1-Catlyn Kristo Veronica Kust at Bethany 2/23/08 66-50 W 16-Emily Hays 10-Emily Hays 4-Lindsey Hyre 3-Veronica Kust 1-Maggie Gibson Kennan Killee Emily Hays Sarah Hunt Maria Hillenb Jen Rogers THIEL 2/26/08 94-57 W 19-Emily Hays 8-Maggie Gibson 4-Veronica Kust 2-Alyssa Young 1-Jamie McKitri Maggie Gibson Maggie Gibson Maggie Gibson Ada Hennigan Catlyn Kristo Maggie Gibson WESTMINSTER 2/29/08 77-82 OL 20-Kennan Killee 11-Jen Rogers 6-Kennan Killee 2-Jen Rogers 1-Sarah Hunt Kennan Killee Maggie Gibson Emily Hays Emily Hays MORAVIAN 3/5/08 86-76 W 24-Stephanie Smi 10-Maggie Gibson 7-Kennan Killee 1-Maggie Gibson 1-Sarah Hunt Veronica Kust Maggie Gibson Emily Hays Jen Rogers at Gwynedd-Mercy 3/8/08 64-56 W 16-Maggie Gibson 22-Maggie Gibson 3-Veronica Kust 3-Veronica Kust 1-Maggie Gibson Jen Rogers vs Lebanon Valley 3/9/08 78-70 W 25-Kennan Killee 10-Maggie Gibson 5-Veronica Kust 2-Veronica Kust 2-Maggie Gibson Veronica Kust