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WPWV Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German

Constitution of the WPWV Chapter of the AATG
(Printable version here)

Adopted May 26, 1979, Amended April 30, 2011, Minutes of changes approved

 I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Western Pennsylvania / West Virginia Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of GermanóWPWV-AATG 

II. Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote and improve the teaching of German language and culture and to foster the spirit of friendship and cooperation among all members.

 III. Membership

1. Any teacher of German or anyone else interested in the teaching of German may become a member of the chapter and the National Association upon payment of the annual dues. Membership will be retained by the continued payment of the annual dues. Only members in good standing may exercise the privileges of membership.

 2. The National annual dues, which include subscription to the official publications of the National Association, are specified in the By-Laws of the National Association. They are payable to the Treasurer of the National Association. Any chapter surcharge shall be voted by the Chapter and is payable to the Chapter Treasurer.

 3. There are various types of memberships as defined in the By-Laws of the National Association.

 IV. Officers

1. The officers of the Chapter shall be the President, the Vice-President and the Secretary-Treasurer.  Testing Chair, German Day Chair, Delegate to WVFLTA

2. The officers shall be elected for two years. The President and Vice-President shall be elected at the spring meeting of odd years. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected at the spring meeting of even years.

The Testing Chair and German Day Chair will be appointed by the chapter president annually.

3. Nominations shall be made by the Planning Committee, and nominations from the floor shall be encouraged. If possible, the President and the Vice-President should be representatives of two different levels: Primary/Secondary Level and College Level. If this cannot be achieved, the Secretary-Treasurer should represent the level not represented by the President. Unless circumstances warrant otherwise, the Vice-President will automatically assume the office of President upon completion of her/his term of office as Vice-President.

V. Administration

The administration of the Chapter shall rest with the Planning Committee, whose Chairperson shall be the President of the Chapter, and which shall consist of the officers of the Chapter, the immediate past President, and the chairpersons of constituted and functioning committees specified in the By-Laws, and any other members interested in planning chapter meetings. A quorum consists of at least three members of the Planning Committee, including at least two officers.

VI. Meetings

There shall be two Chapter meetings annually, one in the fall and one in the spring. The time and place of the meeting shall be determined by the President after due consultation with the Planning Committee. The Chapter members present at a meeting shall constitute a quorum.

VII. Changes in the Constitution

The Constitution of the Chapter may be amended by a two-thirds vote of members present at a regular meeting. Such amendments may be proposed by the Planning Committee or by written notices to the Planning Committee by at least four members of the Chapter no later than two months in advance of the meeting at which action is to be taken. The Secretary shall submit such proposed amendment or amendments to the membership at least three weeks prior to the time of the final action.

VIII. By-Laws

By-Laws may be adopted or changed at any meeting of the Chapter by the majority of the members present, provided that written notice of the proposal(s) is sent to all members at least three weeks prior to such meeting.

IX. Dissolution of the Chapter

The Chapter may be dissolved only 1) at a special meeting called for that purpose,  2) through a vote by a majority of the remaining members of the Chapter or 3) through clear evidence that the Chapter no longer is active. No member of the chapter shall be entitled to any distribution or diversion of its remaining property or proceeds.  The balance of the money, other property or assets received by the Chapter from any source shall be distributed for exempt purposes to qualifying charitable beneficiaries, preferably the national organization, the American Association of Teachers of German which is registered as a 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

By-Laws of the Western Pennsylvania / West Virginia Chapter of the

American Association of Teachers of German

I. Planning Committee

The Planning Committee shall meet in conjunction with each Chapter meeting. Special meetings may be called by the President at his/her discretion, or upon the request of at least two other members of the Planning Committee. The Planning Committee nominates candidates to fill Chapter offices. The Planning Committee plans the programs for the Chapter meetings, and the Vice-President serves as program chairperson.

II. Standing Committees

The following committees are deemed desirable by the membership of the Chapter. However, the inability to fill any committee position from among the Chapter membership will not preclude the Planning Committee's functioning as described in the Chapter Constitution and elsewhere in the By-Laws.

A.  A Membership Committee consisting of Chapter members representing the secondary and college levels may be appointed by the President. The Membership Committee deals with all aspects pertaining to maintaining and expanding membership in the Chapter.

B.  A Project Committee may be appointed by the President. The Project Committee explores and implements ways of furthering the purposes of the Chapter.

C.  A Testing and Awards Committee shall be appointed by the President. The Testing and Awards Committee coordinates Chapter area participation in the National Testing Program, organizes appropriate activities, including the presentation of awards, to recognize achievement in that program, and suggests ways of increasing area participation in the Testing Program.

D.  A Foreign Language Teaching in the Elementary and Secondary Schools Committee may be appointed by the President. Its purpose shall be to promote German instruction in the elementary and secondary schools.