German Day Competition 2002
Feb. 18, 2002

The German Day Competition 2002 took place at Mt. Lebanon High School on Monday, February 18th and was a big success! About 150 German students from 10 schools in the Western PA area took part in this great event.

We would like to thank all of the teachers and students who contributed and who made this such a wonderful day. We hope to see you again next year! A special thanks to the judges from the Bayer Corporation for donating their time, energy and laughter!

Winners in the German Day competitions:




Nonfiction 1st Prize Annie Kushner Mt. Lebanon
Nonfiction 2nd Prize Laura Tomko Mt. Lebanon
Nonfiction 3rd Prize Catherine Dunn Mt. Lebanon




Fiction 1st Prize Rebecca Balog Shady Side Academy
Fiction 2nd Prize Kevin Bigger Mt. Lebanon
Fiction 3rd Prize Chadd Colin Shady Side Academy




Poetry 1st Prize Gerrit Betz Bethel Park
Poetry 2nd Prize Justin Goff Mt. Lebanon
Poetry 3rd Prize Heidi Lynch Mt. Lebanon







Painting 1st Prize Ann Cassidy "Auf der Wiese" Mt. Lebanon
Painting 2nd Prize Jenny Woll
"Willkommen nach Walhalla"
Bethel Park
Painting 3rd Prize Victoria Hart "Hohenschwangau" Ligonier Valley




Drawing 1st Prize Bridie Hast "Leierkasten" Chartiers Valley
Drawing 2nd Prize Daniel Cramer "Rotkäppchen" Ligonier Valley
Drawing 3rd Prize Schaun Mack "Neuschwanstein" Ligonier Valley




Poster 1st Prize Amy Lee Shady Side Academy
Poster 2nd Prize Sarah Smeidaler Ligonier Valley
Poster 3rd Prize Katie Vulakovich Shady Side Academy







Poetry Recitation 1st Prize Gerrit Betz Bethel Park
Poetry Recitation 2nd Prize Damon Boykiw Kiski School
Poetry Recitation 3rd Prize Ben Taylor Kiski School




Culture Bowl 1st Prize Katelyn Schulz Franklin
Culture Bowl 2nd Prize Dale Korman Franklin
Culture Bowl 3rd Prize Adam Chmelynski Bethel Park




Music 1st Prize Mädchen/Geburtstag Kiski School
Music 2nd Prize Unerwartet Chartiers Valley
Music 3rd Prize Kaleidoskop Mt. Lebanon




Drama 1st Prize Ein Märchen aus alten Zeiten Chartiers Valley
Drama 2nd Prize Entführt Frick Int'l Academy
Drama 3rd Prize Damals war es Friedrich: Schulweg Mt. Lebanon