German Day Competition 2004
March 11, 2004

The German Day Competition 2004 took place at Washington and Jefferson College on Thursday, March 11th and was our best ever! More than 400 German students from 13 schools in the Western PA area took part in this great event.

The 13 schools were:

Canon-MacMillan, Chartiers Valley, Connellsville, Frick I.S.A., Quaker Valley, Sewickley Academy, Mt. Lebanon, Shady Side Academy, Upper St. Clair, Baldwin High, Bethel Park, Fox Chapel Area, and Peters Twp.

We would like to thank all of the teachers and students who contributed and who made this such a wonderful day. We hope to see you again next year!

A very special thanks to the Bayer Corporation for providing funding for prizes and for providing the judges, and to the AATG Chapter Project Grant Fund for providing funding for prizes.

A huge round of applause to Mike Shaunessey and all of the students of German from Washington and Jefferson for all of their hard work and planning. Thanks also to the Dean of Students for providing the teacher lunches.

Winners in the German Day 2004 competition:




Nonfiction 1st Prize Julia Brooks Mt. Lebanon
Nonfiction 2nd Prize Lara Rath Connellsville Area
Nonfiction 3rd Prize Brian Fink Bethel Park




Fiction 1st Prize Amanda Bigham "Ein Zufall im Zirkus" Connellsville Area
Fiction 2nd Prize Stephanie Donaldson "Ein unglückliches Affenmädchen" Connellsville Area
Fiction 3rd Prize Nadia Raghei "Kirschliebchen" Quaker Valley




Poetry 1st Prize Kasey Holloway "Der einsame Stuhl" Mt. Lebanon
Poetry 2nd Prize Kyle Wolfley "Zum Strand" Shady Side Academy
Poetry 3rd Prize Liz Gaudio "Augen" Mt. Lebanon







Painting 1st Prize Olivia Scheeser "Hamburg" Canon-McMillan
Painting 2nd Prize Shanna Krieger "Holocaust" Chartiers Valley
Painting 3rd Prize David Muenzer "Dirndl" Sewickley Academy




Drawing 1st Prize Ashley Richardson "Einstein" Connellsville Area
Drawing 2nd Prize Dave Baker "Schäferhund" Canon-McMillan
Drawing 3rd Prize Juston Pritts "Klostertor in Schüsselried im Allgäu" Connellsville Area




Poster 1st Prize Emily Spivak "Einem geschenkten Gaul schaut man nicht ins Maul" Peters Township
Poster 2nd Prize Teddy Weinberg "Ein gutes Gewissen ist ein sanftes Ruhekissen" Sewickley Academy
Poster 3rd Prize Larissa Ziemianski "Die Glücklichen sind nicht immer reich, die Reichen nicht immer glücklich" Bethel Park




Crafts/Models 1st Prize Chad Cable "Nikolaus" Mt. Lebanon
Crafts/Models 2nd Prize Morgan Larchuk "Deutsche Feiertage" Mt. Lebanon
Crafts/Models 3rd Prize Dylan Burke "Many Faces of Germany" Peters Township







Poetry Recitation 1st Prize Kevin Bigger Mt. Lebanon
Poetry Recitation 2nd Prize Elanor Snyder Bethel Park
Poetry Recitation 3rd Prize Jonathan Williams Frick I.S.A.




Culture Bowl 1st Prize Jonathan Neu Bethel Park
Culture Bowl 2nd Prize Adam Chmelynski Bethel Park
Culture Bowl 3rd Prize Karen Vaughn Bethel Park




Music 1st Prize "Eine kurze Geschichte der deutschen Musik" Frick I.S.A.
Music 2nd Prize "Unglückliche Liebe" Connellsville Area
Music 3rd Prize "Der Mann" Chartiers Valley




Drama 1st Prize "Die Steinsuppe" Connellsville Area
Drama 2nd Prize "Wenn die Haifische Menschen wären" Bethel Park
Drama 3rd Prize "Kanal PAN-ORAMA" Sewickley Academy