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WPWV Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German

Joining the WPWV AATG!

What can AATG membership mean to you?
You become part of a strong and supportive professional network that is active locally and influential nationally. You join not only local Western PA German teachers, but  thousands of German teachers across the nation. 

What does the Local WPWV AATG Chapter do?

  • We hold regular meetings to discuss teaching techniques (You can receive ACT 48 credit! Here's how!)
  • We communicate through our very own local listserv. Find out about local job openings first!
  • We provide support for German programs at all levels, K-16
  • We put on a large German Day event that attracts over 400 students
  • We provide mentors for new teachers who just entered the profession.

Membership Information
Membership covers the period from January 1 to December 31 and includes subscription to The German Quarterly OR Die Unterrichtspraxis  and the AATG Newsletter and Infoblatt in electronic or print format.

Membership types available:

  • Regular membership (dues are set according to annual income)
  • Student membership - for full-time students only (proof of full-time student status must accompany application).
  • Emeritus membership - open to retired teachers who have been AATG members prior to retirement.
  • Temporarily unemployed membership -- unemployed teachers may choose this category --.
  • Joint membership - available at $10.00 over and above the dues paid by the higher salaried member. Joint members must share the same household. Only one copy of publications will be sent.
  • Contributing member / Sustaining member / Patron of the Association. These optional categories are open to those members who would like to contribute more substantially to the work of the association. Your name will appear in the AATG Newsletter.

Joining the National AATG automatically makes you a local member with no additional dues!

Click here to go to the National Site to Join online! (Upper right hand corner).

Please consider using the autorenewal form for your membership to ensure that your local chapter receives a portion of your dues!  Our chapter receives a check in early spring each year for a portion of the members' national dues.  This funds our activities, workshops, German Day, etc.  We receive no portion from dues paid later in the year.