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CAPL German-English Picture Dictionary

(Deutsch Englisches Bildwörterbuch)
Hamburger Mopo Archiv (News and current events images)
Yahoo! Nachrichtensuche (News, current event, chose "Fotos")
Alltheweb's Media Engine

Aerial Pictures from WWII

ADAC Automobile Club Images

LEbendiges Museum Online (20th Century Images)
Hamburger Mopo Archiv (Current events)

Goethe Institut übersichten

Reisefotographie Otto

Scans of German Money through the Ages

WDR Fotogallerie (Culture and Everyday Life)

Medienzentrum Baden-Württemburg

German Botanical Fotoarchiv

German Postal Service Pictures Database


For cognates, add "site:de" to specify German sites, site:ch & site:at for  Swiss & Austrian sites.



Basel Tourismus

Swiss Rail Fotos

Swiss Botanical Picture Database

Other Interesting Image Sources



Bildergalerie for News and Culture (N-TV)


Dictionaries, etc:

Goethe Institute: English Deutsch

Austria (Graz pictures)

ÖNB Bildarchiv

Innsbruck Tourismus

Graz Tourismus

Wien Fotoarchiv

City Specific Image Databases



Berlin Images

Berlin Fotosammlung






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UP: Internet Image Mining for the German Speaking World


Heidelberg Manuscripts

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Research Articles into Cultural Applications of Image use / Collection

by Michael R. Shaughnessy, Ph.D.

“Authenticity Revisited.” The IALLT Journal of Language Learning Technologies. 36.1 (2004)

TIPP: German GIS: Helping Students Visualize Germany.” Die Unterrichtspraxis 36.2 (2004)

CALL, Commercialism, and Culture: Software Design Conflicts and their Results.” ReCALL 15.2 (2003)

TIPP: Internet Image Mining for the German Speaking World.” Die Unterrichtspraxis 35.2 (2003)


CAPL: The Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon for German. (2003)

Selected Talks:

“When a Haus is not a House: Using Authentic Images in the Foreign Language Classroom.”

"The Importance of Being Authentic. Using images to teach language and culture.” 

"Creating and Using Culturally Authentic Images with CAPL"

“Not worth a thousand words:  authenticity and (mis) representation in the new media.

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