Psychology Department Honors and Awards

Graduation with Departmental Honors

Students wishing to graduate with Honors in Psychology complete a year long Independent Study Project with the advice of a faculty member. Students interested in this option are encouraged to approach a faculty member during the spring of their Junior year to discuss possible topics. In addition, students should get copies of the helpful information about the Honors Process available from the Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs.


Psi Chi 

Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology. Founded September 4, 1929, this organization has established chapters in 843 colleges and universities in all 50 states. It's purpose is to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship, and advance the science of psychology. Psi Chi is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and is an affiliate of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the American Psychological Society (APS).  A local chapter was established at W & J in 1981. Membership in Psi Chi recognizes interest in psychology as well as outstanding academic achievement both within and outside the major.

Below are listed the criteria for membership in Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology, to be met by the end of the spring term of the junior year.  Any student not majoring in psychology who would like to be considered for membership must notify the Faculty Advisor to Psi Chi by the end of the spring term of their junior year.

Psi Chi Criteria for Membership:

New members are invited to join Psi Chi in the fall term, typically in their senior year. Students interested in further information should contact Dr. Grime.


Richard R. Martin Prize in Psychology

Given annually to an outstanding student majoring in Psychology. This award was established in 2002 by faculty members in Psychology who worked closely with Richard R. Martin in appreciation of his leadership as Chair of the department. The Richard R. Martin Prize winner is presented with a book of their choosing at Honors Day in the spring. The book is inscribed with the awardees' name and the award title.


Scholars in Psychology

Each year the psychology department reviews the credentials of the top psychology majors to determine which two are selected for the award of "Scholar in Psychology." Typically, seniors are considered for the award. The department faculty look at students overall grade point average, their psychology grade point average, the number of advanced courses taken, involvement in research and internships, and other criteria in choosing the awardees. The Scholars in Psychology (1st place and 2nd place) are presented with a book of their choosing at Honors Day in the spring. The books are inscribed with the awardees' name and the award title.

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