The Faculty

  Dr. Nicholas J. Cavoti - Department Chair
Office: D-P 203 Phone: 503-1001
extension: 6123
Specialty/Areas of Interest: Human Learning, Applying Behavioral Principles to the Workplace, Behavioral Safety, Management Consultation
Dr. Jeffrey S. Bartel
Office: D-P 306B Phone: 503-1001
extension: 6228
Specialty/Areas of Interest: Social and gender development
  Dr. Elizabeth A. Bennett
Office: D-P 012 Phone: 503-1001
extension: 6125
Specialty/Areas of Interest: Social Psychology, Psychology and the Law, Persuasion, Jury Decision making, Role of expert witnesses in the courtroom.
  Dr. Michael Crabtree
Office: D-P 306D Phone: 503-1001
extension: 6124
Specialty/Areas of Interest: Clinical and Counseling Psychology, Addictions, Biofeedback and Self regulation.
Dr. Rebecca Grime
Office: D-P 206C Phone: 503-1001
extension: 3019
Specialty/Areas of Interest: Developmental Psychology, Adolescent Career Decision Making, Parent-Adolescent Relationship, Moral Development
  Dr. Timothy Klitz
Office: D-P 301 Phone: 503-1001
extension: 3357
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Specialty/Areas of Interest: Sensation and Perception, Visual Processes and Reading, and Cognitive Psychology
  Dr. Stanley B. Myers
Office: D-P 303 Phone: 503-1001
extension: 6127
Specialty/Areas of Interest: Industrial Organizational Psychology, Psychology of Sports, Parapsychology, Human Resources
Ms.Cathy C. Petchel
Office: D-P 206B Phone: 503-1001
extension: 6128
Specialty/Areas of Interest: Clinical Psychology, bipolar spectrum disorder, mood-anxiety disorders
  Dr. Lynn A. Wilson
Office: D-P 206D Phone: 503-1001
extension: 6126

Specialty/Areas of Interest: Neural Bases of Behavior; Sex Differences; Evolutionary Psychology



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