Charles Hannon

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I am associate dean of the faculty and professor of computing and information studies at Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania. I teach courses in human-computer interaction, the history of information technology, data presentation, and project management. I also teach in our Gender and Women's Studies program. I write about user experiences and interaction design, educational technology, pedagogy, and for a change now and then, William Faulkner.

Some recent work

Storytelling network in Absalom, Absalom
An analysis of the storytelling network in Absalom, Absalom!. This will appear Faulkner in Context (Cambridge UP, 2014). Read the first page (PDF).
Data flow diagram
We analyzed the experience of transfer students and improved the process of their joining W&J College. Read the first page (PDF).
Essay title
This short essay will appear in the September 2013 issue of interactions. Read the first page (PDF).
Title slide of presentation
A presentation at the 2011 meeting of the IXDA in Bouler, CO. Watch it on Vimeo.
Essay title
This essay appeared in interactions in 2008. Read the whole essay (PDF).
Photo of book cover
This book won the 2005 C. Hugh Holman prize for southern literary studies. Learn more at Amazon.

More of my work

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